Parameters represent information about the thing that we want to monitor. Typically information consists in measurements detected and sent by the thing such as the environment temperature or the speed of a car. Nevertheless, it might also be data obtained from the transformation (or aggregation) of other data, such as the average speed of a car in the last hour, or information that has nothing to do with the measurements detected by thing, such as the number of commands sent by users to the thing.

All the parameters defined for a certain family are listed in the "PARAMETERS" tab of the thing family detail page. Parameters tab

Some parameters are automatically created when the family itself is created: these parameters can be recognized since (sys) will appear at the end of their name.

Create a new parameter

Select the Add button in the top right corner of the tab:

Fill in the form by specifying the following properties of the parameter and then press the Save button:

  • Code: the unique identification code within the family
  • Name: a mnemonic name used to find the parameter
  • Description: a complete description of the parameter
  • Type: the type of data expected, the possible types are:
    • Text: the value is a text
    • Number: the value is an integer or decimal number
    • Position: the value is a geographical position expressed as a couple latitude,longitude (example: 45.5306871,11.5019555)

If you are wondering how the values of these parameters are stored, please head to the Channel section.