Roles encapsulate the actions a type of user is authorized to perform.

Create a role

The first step to create a role is selecting Security and then the to access the Roles list view (Roles) in the left sidebar.

The list contains already existing roles and from this view it is possible to manage these roles or to create new ones.

Except for the admin role (which is a default role for any organization: 'ROLE_ADMIN'), all the roles listed above have been defined by a user with the security permission.

By clicking Add on the top-right corner of the box, a role can be created. In the Add Role view, a user with the security permission can create new roles and grant one or more permissions.

A role can be defined by:

  • adding a new name;
  • selecting one or more role properties (permissions);
    • for the read things and the manage thing permissions it is possible to select one or more networks which the permission will have effect on;
  • click on SAVE to define the role.

Delete a role

It is possible to delete a role only if it is associated to no users. Therefore, remove the association between each role and its users before trying to delete the role.

In order to delete any role, click on the role from the role list view to access an edit view. Click Delete in the bottom-left corner of the box.

Head to the next section more details about roles will be provided.