Cumulative Chart (Widget)

Use a cumulative bar chart when you need to group an ordered set of parameters, summed over time.



Select one or more parameters you want to monitor.

Remember to select at least one parameter. Otherwise, you will not be able to save the widget.


Textual (usually short) description for the table. It will be visualised above of the table header.

Bars Color

Colour used for the bars of the widget.

Delta Chart

This option makes the chart show the difference between consecutive series. For example, when a parameter is used to store cumulative measurings, this option allows to visualize differences between a temporal unit and the following one. When instead the option is disabled, the chart shows a simple aggregation of the parameter divided by a temporal unit, without executing any computation between series.

Aggregation function

Function which Omnyvore will use to aggregate data points which are close, but only when the aggregation limit is exceeded. The available aggregation functions are:

  • AVERAGE: compute the average of the given points
  • SUMMATION: cumulate the total of the given points over time
  • MINIMUM: select the minimum value among the given points
  • MAXIMUM: select the maximum value among the given points
Label tilt degree

Configuration of the angle of the label in the chart.

Other widgets

For a complete list of the widgets you can use in Omnyvore, please refer to the Available widgets subsection.