Omnyvore users with the security permission can configure the security of the platform by granting tailored permissions to specific users. Thanks to this mechanism, actions in Omnyvore are regulated through ACLs and roles: for instance, some users may only be able to read the details and data related to a subset of things, without any other capability.

To access the security configuration views, click on the security icon in the sidebar.

The Security management area of Omnyvore contains the following sub-components:

  • Roles: abstract wrappers which hold the actions a user is allowed to do. Depending on the complexity of his organization, an user with the security permission may create more or less fine-grained roles;
  • Users: group of people allowed to access Omnyvore. This type of login to Omnyvore is regulated by a basic (username and password) authentication;
  • Access keys: strings which enable the access to the platform. Access keys can be used to third-party systems which interact with Omnyvore to access data about things.

Kindly reminder: only Omnyvore users with the security permission can access this section and assign specific roles to users (users with ROLE_ADMIN have all permissions).