Status (Widget)

Status widgets provide quick and intuitive feedback for a single parameter.



Select the parameter you want to monitor.

Remember to select exactly one parameter. Otherwise, you will not be able to save the widget.


Textual (usually short) description for what the status represents. It will be visualised in the widget header.

Background colour

Colour used for the background of the widget.

Text colour

Colour used for the text of the widget (disabled if Suggested colour is ON).

Use suggested colour for text

ON/OFF button which, if enabled, automatically chooses a matching colour for the text with respect to the background (default: OFF).

Message template

Text area in which you can customize how the status information will be printed out. In this text, you can use <VAL> to inject the parameter value in your custom text. If left empty, the parameter will be printed as it is stored in Omnyvore (default: empty).


ON/OFF button which, if enabled, extends the interval over which the search spans (default: OFF).

Absolute persistence

ON/OFF button which, if enabled, selects the latest measurement in an absolute sense, that is the selected interval will not be considered (default: OFF).

Number of days for persistence

Number of days for which the search will be extended (default: 7). This option is available only if Persistence is ON.

The provided number of days will be ignored if Absolute persistence is enabled.

Label(s) configuration

Labels are custom descriptions you can put in a status widget to make it even more intuitive. You can specify custom labels by means of comparison (equal to =, less than <, greater than >) Operators. The Value will be used as a means of comparison to determine if the status widget has to show a given Label. You can specify a given Background by using the colorpicker which appears by clicking on the are below the option name. Finally, you can specify which Image the status widget will show, by clicking on the button and selecting it from the ones in the media gallery.

Remember to save your labels before closing the editing modal of the widget, otherwise any change will be lost.

If you want to edit or remove a saved label, use respectively the and buttons on the right.


Other widgets

For an exhaustive list of the widgets you can use in Omnyvore, please refer to the Available widgets subsection.