Send Command (Widget)

This type of widget allows to send commands to a thing. When you will use these widgets in a dashboard of a thing, they will be enabled only if the thing is connected or if the command is retained.



Select the command you want to use for this widget by selecting it from the available options.


Textual (usually short) description for what the command performs. It will be visualised in the widget header.

Image for button

ON/OFF button which toggles the widget type: when OFF, the widget will contain a button, while when ON the widget will contain an image (default: OFF).

Button configuration

Buttons can be configured when the Image for button switch is set to OFF.

Button colour

Colour used to colour the button thanks to which you send commands.

Button text

Custom text you can show in the button (the default value is blank, which in turn causes the widget to show Send).

Image configuration

Images can be chosen when the Image for button switch is set to ON. To select an image, just click on the blue button to select an image from the media gallery.


Other widgets

For an exhaustive list of the widgets you can use in Omnyvore, please refer to the Available widgets subsection.