Media gallery

In the gallery, users can add and manage media files, e.g., pictures.
To access the media gallery, click on the media gallery icon in the sidebar:

We indeed have already seen that images can be set for hotspot widgets. This section provides insights on this feature. The gallery view is divided in three parts:

  • Select files, to add images;
  • Upload queue, to monitor the uploading process of new files, especially if they are numerous;
  • Files loaded, to check which files are already uploaded, such as the 3D plan we used for hotspot widget.

How to upload a file

  • Select the files in the folder of your machine and drag and drop them to the Drop here area:
  • In the uploaded queue we can see:

    • which files (and related metadata) are uploaded;
    • the progress, in terms of percentage, of the uploading process.

    • Click Load All;
  • We can finally see all the files (both old and new) uploaded :