Trend (Widget)

Trend widgets plots on a graph how data collected for several parameters varies over a time series.



Select one or more parameters you want to monitor.

Remember to select at least one parameter. Otherwise, you will not be able to save the widget.


Textual (usually short) description for the plot. It will be visualised in the widget header.

Hide legend

On/Off button which toggles the presence of a legend next to the plotted data (default: OFF).

Aggregation limit

Sometimes Omnyvore collects a huge amount of data, even for a single thing. Therefore, a very dense plot may incur performance problems as the number of points increases. This option allows you to select the maximum number of points which are plotted on a graph (default: 500). Throughout this page, we will refer to this value as L.

Aggregation function

Function which Omnyvore will use to aggregate data points which are close, but only when the aggregation limit is exceeded. The available aggregation functions are:

  • AVG: compute the average of the given points
  • MAX: select the maximum value among the given points
  • MIN: select the minimum value among the given points
Aggregate on time intervals

On/Off button which toggles the aggregation on time intervals (default: OFF).

  • ON (on the left): group data points in L time ranges of equal length (e.g., one day each)
  • OFF (on the right): group data points in L clusters, each containing (almost) the same number of points Different types of aggregation

Per-parameter configuration

Trend widgets can display data for more than one parameter. In order to choose how a parameter will be plotted:

  1. select the parameter it in the Parameter(s) configuration option
  2. click on the accordion button CONFIGURE PARAMETER parameterName, where parameterName is the name of the parameter you want to configure
  3. follow the instructions given hereafter
Line colour

Pick a colour for the line of the graph which represents the parameter (default: random colour).

Represent as a step function

Plot the data points as if they were a step function, i.e., only using vertical and horizontal lines (default: OFF).

Show only points

Do not show anything but points, i.e., lines will not be present in the graph (default: OFF).

Point dimension

The dimension of the points, in pixels (default: 1).

Point type

The shape of the points: square, circle, diamond or cross (default: circle).


Other widgets

For a complete list of the widgets you can use in Omnyvore, please refer to the Available widgets subsection.