SigFox Family Configuration

Create a new SigFox Thing Family

Select the SIGFOX family type in the thing family creation popup to create a family with SigFox configuration.

New Sigfox Family procedure

Press the Save button to create the family and load the SigFox configuration with preconfigured channels, parameters, commands and dashboards.

Once a thing family has been created its family type can't be changed. The DataHex and DataBin channel are availables to read the data sent from a SigFox Device.

Create a new SigFox Thing

To create a new SigFox Device select a SigFox Thing Family in the thing creation popup.

New SigFox Device procedure

If a SIGFOX family type has been selected, Client Id, Username and password fields will be disabled and they will be setted with the Resource Id value.

Channels Callbacks