Role properties

Each role must have at least one property. More precisely, you have select among different categories in order to assign a function. You can select among three different categories of permissions:

  • Things permission;
  • Configuration permission;
  • Security permission.

Things permission

Set the things permission for all things of the selected networks. If no network has been selected, the permission refers to all things of the organization.

If the things read permission is enable ( 'Enable read' ) it is possible to:

  • visualize the main dashboard;
  • visualize information about the things and customize the view with filters;
  • visualize the alarms.

Users with things read permission do neither have the power to add, delete or configure things.

If the things write permission is enable ( 'Enable write' ) it is possible to:

  • adding and removing things;
  • editing networks.

The things write permission also give the things read permission.

Configuration permission

If the configuration permission is enable it is possible to:

  • create new thing families;
  • see existing thing families;
  • edit thing families;
  • delete existing thing families;
  • manage parameters, channels, commands, alarms, and dashboards of thing families;
  • add or delete firmware;
  • select and apply different versions of firmware;
  • manage scripts;
  • manage the media gallery.

Security permission

If the security permission is enable it is possible to:

  • create and edit users;
  • create and edit roles;
  • create and edit access keys.

The security permission also give all other permissions (things and configuration).